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Bill T. Anderson is a singer/songwriter/luthier(Guitar Maker-Anderson Acoustic Guitars), with a varied background few can match!

  For over 30 years, he has been a professional symphonic oboist, "conservatory trained" with a Masters in Oboe Performance from one of the most prestigious music schools in the country. At the same time, he was writing  lyrics and music for songs he could never perform, as he previously didn't play guitar or piano. Frustrated with trying to find others to accompany him, at the age of 48, he set out to learn guitar well enough to "play some songs in front of people, even if they don't like them". Now, having crossed that hurdle many times (and finding that people do like them!), he has taken some of his best songs to date, and produced a nuanced, rich palette of  sounds, incorporating his varied abilities as well as the talents of a few other creative and generous musicians. Bill appears at concerts, coffee houses, farmers markets and open mics around the Boston area. Want to know more? Go to his bio and get a fuller picture. And thank you for coming!

Special note: It is very difficult for musicians to control the use of their work, and the internet has made it doubly difficult! Getting "streamed" is not the height of success and does not reward the artist in a way that helps them to thrive, create or survive. Choosing a distributor is so tricky that you have to wait and see who is actually offering your music by streaming, who is selling it (almost no one!) and who is using it as content on their site for free (YouTube, Amazon, Facebook and others I've never heard of). Now I'm sure the distributor is getting something, but the artist gets nothing. Think before you stream! Buying a download or a CD really helps songwriters to create and produce. The world needs to realize (hasn't yet!) the cost, to the music world they love and the artists they hope to keep seeing. Buy something and then stream all you want. Having a physical CD on your shelf is a badge of honor even if you never listen to it. And no online site can take it away like digital and streaming. Thanks!

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